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Frequently Asked Questions

The dispensing industry continues to grow and we supply an increasing number of useful products for liquid dispensing applications to leading manufacturers. From hand held gun dispensers to spares and accessories, our products are used by industrial component manufacturers worldwide.


What are the typical fluids I can dispense using pneumatic systems?
There are not many materials that cannot be dispensed in one form or another. Please call us if you would like advice but our experience has been to supply systems for accurately handling adhesives, cyanoacrylates, anaerobics, solvents, chemical, sealants, silicones, epoxies, resins, pastes, solders, fluxes, hot melts, PVA's, UV cure, conformal coatings, primers, activators, water based, contact type, braze and conductive adhesives. We have equipment for single and two part liquids, cold or hot melt glues, pastes, watery liquids and sprayable fluids. And we have many customers using simple dispensing systems as well as those running our automated robot systems.

What is the best system for handling Cyanoacrylate adhesives?
The TS255 dispenser will apply all CAs direct from syringe barrels up to 55cc size. Or use the TS5622VU with a pressure pot and TS350 controller for higher volume deposits of CA's. Use Teflon Lined tips for no clogging. The electric free DISP-5600 is a peristaltic pump designed for Cyanoacrylate adhesives.

Does Adhesive Dispensing Ltd supply adhesives and other chemicals?
Many of our customers ask us to provide them with materials as well as dispensing equipment and accessories. Our partnerships with adhesive companies allows us to supply a wide range of adhesives, silicones, epoxies, UV cure and many other liquids at special prices.

How do your prices compare to others?
We don't hide our prices and you can order items on account from us as well as ordering securely online. Our pricing is very competitive but if you notice a product you require a specific quote for or for higher volume, please tell us and we'll work hard to offer the most cost effective pricing possible.

How long are lead times?
Almost all barrels, cartridges, needles, tips, nozzles, fittings and dispensers are available direct from stock. We also stock a wide range of manual and pneumatic guns, metering valves, tanks, fluid lines and accessories. Some items take longer. Some valves up to 5 days. Robots are built to order and we always quote 4-5 weeks but we sometimes have machines in stock. Some filled syringes and cartridges can take up to 2-3 weeks if we are waiting on the raw materials from the manufacturer very much but in many cases it is quicker.

What does silicone free mean?
All of our barrels, cartridges, nozzles and tips - it might mean that cheaper low grade products are being supplied instead. Some of these will have been manufactured in production facilities where silicone release agents find their way onto the plastics. So when you use the components with your adhesives, it can affect the performance.

What does industrial grade mean?
All syringe barrels, cartridges, tips, nozzles, etc are safe for 'industrial' use up to 100 psi. Hypodermic syringes are thin walled whereas industrial grade barrels have thick moulded walls.

Can I re-use barrels, etc?
In short, yes you can. But re-use will weaken them and could be unsafe. Also, cured adhesive can mix with fresh material causing failures and contamination. And if a lot of time is spent cleaning low cost components, it is no doubt cheaper to dispose of and replace with new. If you are paying too much for these components, talk to us and we'll offer cost effective pricing plans.

How do I select the right piston for the syringe barrel?
For our air-powered dispensers, select the 700 series syringe barrels in sizes from 3cc to 55cc, either clear (natural),amber (UV tint) or black (UV block). For watery liquids that drip, use our white wiper pistons. They create a nice tight seal in the barrel and hold the liquids in place. For most other general adhesives and liquids, use our blue easy flow pistons. They are not so tight and allow a smooth movement both down and up. This prevents oozing of liquids after the deposit has been made. For very thick materials and stringy contact-type adhesives, use our red pistons. These have flat walls and will not get stuck to the inner barrel wall when dispensing.

Do all dispensers require an air supply?
No. Our manual syringe guns and cartridge guns do not. And the peristaltic pump air-free dispenser requires no air supply.

We work in a explosive production area and cannot have electric dispensers?
Use the TS924 footvalve dispenser for pastes, gels and adhesives. It is non electric and offers a controlled method of dispensing direct from syringe barrels. Use the TS924V for thinner liquids as this version includes a vacuum suckback. Use any of our manual or pneumatic syringe or cartridge guns safely in an explosive area. Or our TS1201 dispensing pen with any of our pressure pots.

Popular Liquids Dispensed

  • Lubricants
    Braze Pastes
    Solder Pastes
    Jointing Compounds
    PR Sealants
    UV Cure Adhesives

Popular Dispensing Applications

  • Flight recorders
    GPS Systems
    Measurement Instruments
    Instrument Panels
    Electrical Systems
    Landing Gear

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide a wide range of equipment options for dispensing almost all assembly fluids - from watery liquids, solvents, primers and activators through to thick pastes, sealants, silicones, gels and epoxies.


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